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Ciao (for now)

I started this blog five years ago because I felt I needed a creative outlet. Somewhere to share my thoughts and dreams. Then almost two years ago I left my cushy corporate gig to start a PR consultancy. Starting with just me working … Read more


Never Stop Believing

I’m aiming for this to be a very short post today. Know why? Because after reading Sally Obermeder’s ridiculously inspiring book ‘Never Stop Believing’, it’s reminded me of something massive. Life is very short. It may even be much shorter than … Read more


Chocolate brownies (need we say any more?)

I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t like chocolate brownies. There’s just something about them. It’s like they’ve taken the best parts of a cake, a pudding and a macaron and put them into one delicious dessert. There are … Read more

Adam Hynes - surf tour pic

From pro surfer to singer/songwriter star

What would you do if you had to make the decision to become a career musician or a pro surfer? This was a choice that 23 year old singer/songwriter ADAM HYNES had to make just two years ago. Musically winning … Read more


Starting Over

What a month. Actually, the last five months have been, well, how do I put this? An adventure. Challenging. Fun. Character building. A bit crap. Exciting. Anxious. Out of the ordinary. All of the above. Or perhaps most of all, … Read more


Karise Eden - My Journey album

A Heavenly Sounds tour for The Voice winner Karise Eden

You probably heard that unmistakable, jaw-droppingly beautiful voice belonging to just-turned-20 year old Karise Eden on hit TV show The Voice. Maybe you bought a copy of her album ‘My Journey’. Some of you may have even come to meet her and … Read more

sunset cocktails at Potato Head

Need to find your BLISS?

If you need to feel inspired, here’s a tale of a very smart and determined woman who went to Bali and decided to open her own unique brand of holiday accommodation. But better yet, if you want to actually go … Read more

Ben L'Oncle Soul

Too cool – a French Bruno Mars with soul – discover him now!

Here’s a confession. Working in the music industry, I’m presented with so many new artists it’s sometimes ridiculous. With this huge amount of music fighting for attention, it takes a lot to cut through. And keep in mind this timeless … Read more



Announcing… Bec Brown Communications

As a publicist, I take great pride in writing compelling, entertaining, newsy stories. Then it’s all about strategically getting this information out to the world in a timely manner. But just as the shoemakers children have no shoes, I’ve been … Read more

Contemplating Change

Creating and dealing with change

Change. Like death and taxes, it’s going to happen. If you’re happily going through an incredibly blissful, prosperous, healthy phase, at some point, this will change. If times are anxious, rubbish or dull, this too will change. Sometimes change is … Read more

A day in the life of a publicist - Bec Brown - Chris Isaak nearly loses his jacket to The Morning Show co-host Larry Emdur

A Day In The Life Of A Publicist

Ever wondered what the hell a music publicist does all day? Here’s a recent 24 hours (actually, 30… it was a big day) brought to you by the legendary Chris Isaak and his album ‘Beyond The Sun’. After a month … Read more

When the going gets tough, the tough get reading

Best new books (aka when the going gets tough, the tough get reading)

I’ve just started to apply the ”when the going gets tough” approach when life seems overwhelmingly busy. For example; When the going gets tough, the tough… – Hit the park for a run (instead of hitting a client) – Get off … Read more

Vogue November 2011

Is healthy eating always in VOGUE?

VOGUE’s not all fantastical glam couture, slender, doe-like models, glittering beauty products, luscious images and perfumed pages (though they do these things brilliantly), there’s also the articles. Freelance writer Sarina Lewis, who regularly contributes to VOGUE’s health pages, interviewed me recently … Read more

MILOS The Guitar

Need a break to the Mediterranean?

Milos is a guitarist from Montenegro. He’s insanely musical, has the fastest fingers in the business and as you can tell by the photos… he’s pretty easy on the eye. Having just spent 10 days with him after his debut … Read more

Bec Brown is back online

I’m back online

I’ve been very silent of late. I bet you were wondering, has Bec been abducted by the menacing swans that live in the park where she goes running? Did the towering pile of books next to her bed finally collapse … Read more

Bec Brown Says - Going on a guilt trip

Pack your bags, we’re off on a guilt trip

I’ve had an intense attack of the guilts lately. Feeling uneasy, mildly anxious and worried, I had to sit down and ponder why, eventually pin-pointing that it all came down to feeling guilty. What terrible thing had I done? Taken a two … Read more


Inside Sydney’s Monster Town Hall with Lady Gaga

It feels strange to be posting this on the same day as the sad passing of the very talented Amy Winehouse. Vocally endowed with one hell of a set of pipes and a deeply creative, though troubled, soul – may … Read more


Bec Brown Says I no longer eat sugar

Going sugar free – this is NOT a diet

Diets don’t work. In fact, they suck. The research and statistics don’t lie - 90% of people who go on a diet put the weight back on. After going through anorexia and bulimia from the age of 14 – 25, I then … Read more



Yummiest creams, lotions and general deliciousness

Natural, luxurious ingredients. Creamy. Moisture drenched. Orange blossom and ginseng. Fig and licorice. Ginger peach. green tea and lime leaf. Sound delicious? It’s enough to make you hungry. My wonderful sister and brother in law gave me a gorgeous birthday … Read more

Hayley Westenra Paradiso

The biggest selling album of the 21st Century is…

Michael Jackson’s Thriller. But bet you didn’t know that the artist with the biggest selling CLASSICAL album in the world is just 24 years old. And she’s from New Zealand. Kiwi born and bred, now living in London, for the past 10 … Read more


Bec Brown Says there are too many words

Skinny stories – put your writing on a diet

When left to write exactly as I wish, the end result would be more War and Peace than a Twitter update. But as my chatty five year old nephew, who seriously does not stop talking from the moment he wakes … Read more

sitting pretty (badly)

Sitting makes you sad but this will make you smile

Get ready to step away from the computer. This a short article. Punchy, succinct, to the point. For both of our sakes. Here’s why. Like 70% of the western world, much of my life is spent sitting down. In a … Read more


BOSSY adj. Given to ordering others around PANTS n. 1.Trousers. 2.Knickers

A wonderful event occurred recently when I came down with a dose of the flu. Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants arrived in the post. As I lay propped up awkwardly in bed, unable to lay down for fear of drowning … Read more


How change is good and the seven year rule

I’ve read recently that, on a cellular level, your entire body is regenerated every seven years. Yesterday it was precisely seven years ago that, after a long stint of travelling and working as a singer, I packed up my bags … Read more


The Official Royal Wedding Album

I really don’t know what further commentary I could possibly add to the Royal Wedding – I’m fairly certain it’s all been said! So this is just to let you know about the divine recording that’s now available. The Official … Read more


Popstars, pumpkins and a little bit of prize-winning

Ah, the soft glow of mid-Autumn. Cooler nights when you can actually snuggle into bed. Boots replace strappy stilettos and flipflops. Us women change down a hue in our foundation and powder (Summer is over gals – no need for … Read more


Do you hate vampires?

I’m going to just put my hand up and admit it. My name’s Bec Brown and I don’t like vampires. Or werewolves. Or shapeshifters, aliens, unicorns, ghosts, witches or other supernatural beings. I was sucked into watching True Blood purely … Read more

Chris Botti - Bec Brown Says

Why you should get to know Chris Botti (last name doesn’t rhyme with hottie, though really should)

It’s official, I have a crush. And he’s coming back to Australia in June. Chris Botti (pronounced Boat-ee) is a trumpeter from the US. Although jazz is obviously his first love, he also plays songs from the genres of pop, … Read more


Operatic treasures and the mother of all garage sales

Greetings from a very sunny Adelaide – where all things entertainment seem to have descended! The deservedly famous Fringe Festival, the Adelaide Film Festival, Soundwave Festival and world music extravaganza WOMADelaide are all going on and the city is crawling … Read more


Overcoming disaster and how to react when you’ve been knocked back

A lot of bad stuff is going on in the world at the moment. And for some reason, I’m just now starting to truly realise that the longer you stay in this world, the more likely bad stuff is going … Read more


Mojca Erdmann

Why Mozart is still a modern day muse

Mozart died aged 35. That’s rather sobering really. If I had wanted to keep up that would mean I would have just three and a half years left to write 600+ pieces of music, including around 41 symphonies, 25 concertos … Read more

Bec Brown Says - What PR's can learn from The King's Speech

What PRs can learn from The King’s Speech

I’ve been smitten by a movie. This happens so rarely that it’s inspired this article. And given the awards already handed out plus the 14 BAFTA nominations and the 12 nominations for the upcoming Feb 27 Academy Awards, I’m clearly … Read more

Bec Brown Says - My day on a plate - ew - diet coke

How does your ‘Day on a Plate’ read?

Fairfax’s Sunday Life magazine decided to kick off with a special music issue this year and wanted input from lots of different people who work in the music industry. So, voila, as a music PR, I was super excited to … Read more


Sting and Trudie Styler's yoga and lute inspired vanity fair shoot

Free yoga

I’m off to Perth today to look after the publicity for the start of Sting’s national tour. I can’t wait for the first concert as he kicks off at the gorgeous Sandalford Winery in Perth’s Swan Valley and plays with … Read more

Please donate to help those affected by the flooding

Please donate and help those who have lost everything

The past few weeks have been heartbreaking. The severe weather has brought the type of destruction, in both Queensland, Australia and Rio, Brazil, that you’d never wish on anyone. Here in my home of Australia, I know that the sadness … Read more


The Diva’s Debut

Australians, you’re about to have the chance that Europe, the UK and the US have had for years – a live performance by a true diva. Who is the highest selling classical artist in the world with over 13 million … Read more


How to make new year's resolutions that work

How to make new year’s resolutions that last

Are you a new year’s resolutions maker? Being an “all or nothing” kind of person for a good portion of my adult life, I certainly have been. In my late teens and early twenties, they seemed to be things like: … Read more

Sting Symphonicities

Sting’s Symphonicities – why every little thing he does is magic

There’s no denying the musicianship and warm, vocal brilliance of Sting. The former Police frontman has had a varied musical journey, particularly noticeable since
Read more

Best website stories and videos

Best website stories and videos

Don’t you love it when you find a great story online that makes you laugh out loud? Or sob, or sigh, or be inspired? And best of all is being able to share them. The last few weeks have been … Read more


A Christmas Gift Guide

For the first time ever, I’m starting my Christmas shopping early this year. Through mutual agreement, my huge family (parents, three siblings, plus partners and several children each) decided that we would Kris Kringle. To ensure good gifts, Ma Brown … Read more


Summer Reading Suggestions

I’m a bit early aren’t I? Let’s call it ‘Pre-Summer reading suggestions’ as I’m sure I’ll get one more article full of great Christmas holiday reading options in before the holiday season officially hits. I’ve been doing quite a bit … Read more


Were the 2010 ARIA Awards really that bad?

My, oh my. If ALL publicity is good publicity, then the 2010 ARIAs were actually a gigantic, enormous, shining, stunner of a success. Twitter and Facebook were abuzz while the awards were being aired on Ten last Sunday night, then … Read more



Why everybody needs a Social Diary

PR world is a fun and challenging place. It’s made up of publicists, marketing managers, event organisers and media professionals, each with unique skill sets.
Read more



A degustation to die for at Becasse Restaurant

Last Friday night, husband and I decided to go on a bona fide date. We’d both been reading the new Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and really wanted to try one of the fancy-pants restaurants. We justified it by … Read more


Is ‘keeping it real’ all it’s cracked up to be?

Why is “being yourself” or “being real” so important? And what does it even mean? Especially when one person’s “real” is another person’s “ridiculous”. In just about every magazine you read and on every lifestyle TV show you watch, there … Read more


Melinda Schneider channels Doris Day with album and concert tour

Doris Day. What a star. A singer, actor and dancer – an official “triple threat”. How to describe the songs she’s best known for? You could call it…
Read more


Meet YOUR Personal Trainer

This awesome site allows you to find a personal trainer anywhere in Australia but it offers much more than just an online directory. Apart from always being super current.. Read more


Home-made healthy muesli bar recipe

Bec Brown’s Breakfast Bars

I may possibly be obsessed with breakfast. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that after sleeping all night, the body is crying out for sustenance. The stomach grumbles, blood sugar levels are low and the brain whispers … Read more

Journalist interview

How to give a good interview

It can be daunting giving an interview for the first time and there are different rules that apply depending on whether you’re appearing on TV or radio or speaking to a journalist for print or online. I often take new … Read more


2010 ARIA Awards Nominations

With just weeks until the ARIA Awards take place at the iconic Sydney Opera House (Sunday, 7 November on Network Ten) the nominees across a record 31 categories were… Read more

Emily Barr The Life You Want coverart

Author Spotlight: Emily Barr

Emily Barr is one very solid writer. She’s written nine novels and has had one published every year since 2001 (with the exception of 2007, but more on that to come). All of her books feature strong female characters, each … Read more


Publicity for you (minus the stunts, drama or white-lies)

Publicity for you (minus the stunts, drama or white-lies)

There are plenty of tricks up the couture sleeves of Hollywood Publicists to ensure that their client’s name remains, or pops back into, the headlines. Ideally it’s the good type of PR of course – losing weight rather than piling … Read more

Macy Gray – on selling out and coming back

Macy Gray – on selling out and coming back

Was there a single person in the world who didn’t LOVE the hit song of 1999 ‘I Try’? Macy Gray’s unmistakable husky vocals burst onto the scene with her album ‘On How Life Is’, a monster hit record that sold … Read more


To buy or not to buy, that’s the consuming question

To buy or not to buy, that’s the consuming question

Yes, this is the BUY section. Yet this is a story about possibly not buying. Before you click away in disgust, in search of hot bargains and purchasing tips from elsewhere, let me tell you some quick and interesting facts … Read more

Learn to snowboard

Learn to snowboard

One ‘determined-not-to-be-a-snow-widow’s’ journey. I love to try any new exercise craze. Biathlons, bootcamp, pilates, powerplate, kayaking, kettlebell, zumba. I’ve tried them all, even the cardio twister. (Note: unless you’ve never exercised in your entire life and are as sedentary as … Read more

French Connection

Getting the French Connection

Fabulous Spring Fashion. I just LOVE it when those rare moments occur. You walk distractedly past shop after shop, not looking out for anything in particular. Maybe you’re just on your way to the dentist. This Saturday I was taking … Read more

Inspiring news stories

Inspiring news stories

Read it and smile – this title is not an oxymoron. Here are four fantastic news sites that only give us the good stuff. Designed to cheer, inspire and educate, these sites are a must if you’re looking for some … Read more

Practical Organic

Practical Organic

Ok, so I’m a firm believer that organic food would be a better thing to put into my body than something covered in pesticides and chemicals or the meat from an animal that had lived a crap life in a … Read more

Do as I say, not as I did (plus some easy-peesy, healthy recipes)

Do as I say, not as I did (plus an easy-peesy, healthy recipe)

If you looked at my diet history, at first glance you may not think I would have much wisdom to impart on the subject of sensible eating. At age 12, with the dreams of turning my sporty physique (I say … Read more


Beccy’s Muesli (who the hell was Bircher anyway?)

This is one of my all time favourite breakfasts. It’ versatile and depending on the ratio of the ingredients you put in, it can taste slightly different every time you make it. Very good for keeping life interesting! And because … Read more

Rainforests, sunshine and cocktails, anyone?

Rainforests, sunshine and cocktails, anyone?

It had been a string of excruciatingly cold mornings, those ones where you slide shivering from under the warmth of your quilt, your teeth chattering, as you struggle to pull on the pile of clothes you have stacked next to … Read more

Things That Make You Go Oh…

Things That Make You Go Oh…

How many lightbulb moments can you have on a particular topic before they cease to be lightbulb moments? Is there a limit to the number of times you can wake up with an epiphany; that same ‘a ha!’ realisation that … Read more

Can routine result in brilliance?

Can routine result in brilliance?

“Be regular and  orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and  original in your work”. This quote by Gustave Flaubert (French writer, lived in the 1800′s, wrote Madame Bovary, one of the most important … Read more

In Pursuit of Jamie Cullum

In Pursuit of Jamie Cullum

I’m a total fan of Jamie – I heard his first commercial release ‘Twenty Something’ back in 2004 and I was hooked. You know those albums that you go “OMG, this artist gets me; these songs were written for me!”? … Read more

Bec Brown’s Top 5 pieces of classical music

Top 5 pieces of classical music

Recently I took the time to sit down and think of my favourite pieces of music. It was almost too hard to think of a top 5 across all genres so I just started with classical. It was a beautiful … Read more

Top 4 books on reducing work stress

Top 4 books on reducing work stress

Who doesn’t want to be happier at work? Most of us are at work for an enormous percentage of time so it makes sense that it’s as pleasant an experience as possible. These are my fave books for helping to … Read more

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