Adam Hynes - surf tour pic

From pro surfer to singer/songwriter star

What would you do if you had to make the decision to become a career musician or a pro surfer? This was a choice that 23 year old singer/songwriter ADAM HYNES had to make just two years ago. Musically winning … Read more

Ben L'Oncle Soul

Too cool – a French Bruno Mars with soul – discover him now!

Here’s a confession. Working in the music industry, I’m presented with so many new artists it’s sometimes ridiculous. With this huge amount of music fighting for attention, it takes a lot to cut through. And keep in mind this timeless … Read more


PAULINI - Fireman

PAULINI fires up

She’s back and hotter than ever! Her steamy, cheeky and damn infectious new single ‘Fireman’ hits radio this week and is available on iTunes from Feb 10. Paulini’s come a long way from her Australian Idol days – after a … Read more

MILOS The Guitar

Need a break to the Mediterranean?

Milos is a guitarist from Montenegro. He’s insanely musical, has the fastest fingers in the business and as you can tell by the photos… he’s pretty easy on the eye. Having just spent 10 days with him after his debut … Read more


Inside Sydney’s Monster Town Hall with Lady Gaga

It feels strange to be posting this on the same day as the sad passing of the very talented Amy Winehouse. Vocally endowed with one hell of a set of pipes and a deeply creative, though troubled, soul – may … Read more


Hayley Westenra Paradiso

The biggest selling album of the 21st Century is…

Michael Jackson’s Thriller. But bet you didn’t know that the artist with the biggest selling CLASSICAL album in the world is just 24 years old. And she’s from New Zealand. Kiwi born and bred, now living in London, for the past 10 … Read more



The Official Royal Wedding Album

I really don’t know what further commentary I could possibly add to the Royal Wedding – I’m fairly certain it’s all been said! So this is just to let you know about the divine recording that’s now available. The Official … Read more

Chris Botti - Bec Brown Says

Why you should get to know Chris Botti (last name doesn’t rhyme with hottie, though really should)

It’s official, I have a crush. And he’s coming back to Australia in June. Chris Botti (pronounced Boat-ee) is a trumpeter from the US. Although jazz is obviously his first love, he also plays songs from the genres of pop, … Read more

Mojca Erdmann

Why Mozart is still a modern day muse

Mozart died aged 35. That’s rather sobering really. If I had wanted to keep up that would mean I would have just three and a half years left to write 600+ pieces of music, including around 41 symphonies, 25 concertos … Read more


The Diva’s Debut

Australians, you’re about to have the chance that Europe, the UK and the US have had for years – a live performance by a true diva. Who is the highest selling classical artist in the world with over 13 million … Read more


Sting Symphonicities

Sting’s Symphonicities – why every little thing he does is magic

There’s no denying the musicianship and warm, vocal brilliance of Sting. The former Police frontman has had a varied musical journey, particularly noticeable since
Read more


Were the 2010 ARIA Awards really that bad?

My, oh my. If ALL publicity is good publicity, then the 2010 ARIAs were actually a gigantic, enormous, shining, stunner of a success. Twitter and Facebook were abuzz while the awards were being aired on Ten last Sunday night, then … Read more



Melinda Schneider channels Doris Day with album and concert tour

Doris Day. What a star. A singer, actor and dancer – an official “triple threat”. How to describe the songs she’s best known for? You could call it…
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2010 ARIA Awards Nominations

With just weeks until the ARIA Awards take place at the iconic Sydney Opera House (Sunday, 7 November on Network Ten) the nominees across a record 31 categories were… Read more

Macy Gray – on selling out and coming back

Macy Gray – on selling out and coming back

Was there a single person in the world who didn’t LOVE the hit song of 1999 ‘I Try’? Macy Gray’s unmistakable husky vocals burst onto the scene with her album ‘On How Life Is’, a monster hit record that sold … Read more


In Pursuit of Jamie Cullum

In Pursuit of Jamie Cullum

I’m a total fan of Jamie – I heard his first commercial release ‘Twenty Something’ back in 2004 and I was hooked. You know those albums that you go “OMG, this artist gets me; these songs were written for me!”? … Read more

Bec Brown’s Top 5 pieces of classical music

Top 5 pieces of classical music

Recently I took the time to sit down and think of my favourite pieces of music. It was almost too hard to think of a top 5 across all genres so I just started with classical. It was a beautiful … Read more