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Ciao (for now)

I started this blog five years ago because I felt I needed a creative outlet. Somewhere to share my thoughts and dreams. Then almost two years ago I left my cushy corporate gig to start a PR consultancy. Starting with just me working … Read more


Announcing… Bec Brown Communications

As a publicist, I take great pride in writing compelling, entertaining, newsy stories. Then it’s all about strategically getting this information out to the world in a timely manner. But just as the shoemakers children have no shoes, I’ve been … Read more

A day in the life of a publicist - Bec Brown - Chris Isaak nearly loses his jacket to The Morning Show co-host Larry Emdur

A Day In The Life Of A Publicist

Ever wondered what the hell a music publicist does all day? Here’s a recent 24 hours (actually, 30… it was a big day) brought to you by the legendary Chris Isaak and his album ‘Beyond The Sun’. After a month … Read more

Bec Brown is back online

I’m back online

I’ve been very silent of late. I bet you were wondering, has Bec been abducted by the menacing swans that live in the park where she goes running? Did the towering pile of books next to her bed finally collapse … Read more

Bec Brown Says there are too many words

Skinny stories – put your writing on a diet

When left to write exactly as I wish, the end result would be more War and Peace than a Twitter update. But as my chatty five year old nephew, who seriously does not stop talking from the moment he wakes … Read more

Bec Brown Says - What PR's can learn from The King's Speech

What PRs can learn from The King’s Speech

I’ve been smitten by a movie. This happens so rarely that it’s inspired this article. And given the awards already handed out plus the 14 BAFTA nominations and the 12 nominations for the upcoming Feb 27 Academy Awards, I’m clearly … Read more

Best website stories and videos

Best website stories and videos

Don’t you love it when you find a great story online that makes you laugh out loud? Or sob, or sigh, or be inspired? And best of all is being able to share them. The last few weeks have been … Read more


Why everybody needs a Social Diary

PR world is a fun and challenging place. It’s made up of publicists, marketing managers, event organisers and media professionals, each with unique skill sets.
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Journalist interview

How to give a good interview

It can be daunting giving an interview for the first time and there are different rules that apply depending on whether you’re appearing on TV or radio or speaking to a journalist for print or online. I often take new … Read more

Publicity for you (minus the stunts, drama or white-lies)

Publicity for you (minus the stunts, drama or white-lies)

There are plenty of tricks up the couture sleeves of Hollywood Publicists to ensure that their client’s name remains, or pops back into, the headlines. Ideally it’s the good type of PR of course – losing weight rather than piling … Read more

Inspiring news stories

Inspiring news stories

Read it and smile – this title is not an oxymoron. Here are four fantastic news sites that only give us the good stuff. Designed to cheer, inspire and educate, these sites are a must if you’re looking for some … Read more