sunset cocktails at Potato Head

Need to find your BLISS?

If you need to feel inspired, here’s a tale of a very smart and determined woman who went to Bali and decided to open her own unique brand of holiday accommodation. But better yet, if you want to actually go … Read more

sitting pretty (badly)

Sitting makes you sad but this will make you smile

Get ready to step away from the computer. This a short article. Punchy, succinct, to the point. For both of our sakes. Here’s why. Like 70% of the western world, much of my life is spent sitting down. In a … Read more

Sting and Trudie Styler's yoga and lute inspired vanity fair shoot

Free yoga

I’m off to Perth today to look after the publicity for the start of Sting’s national tour. I can’t wait for the first concert as he kicks off at the gorgeous Sandalford Winery in Perth’s Swan Valley and plays with … Read more


Meet YOUR Personal Trainer

This awesome site allows you to find a personal trainer anywhere in Australia but it offers much more than just an online directory. Apart from always being super current.. Read more


Learn to snowboard

Learn to snowboard

One ‘determined-not-to-be-a-snow-widow’s’ journey. I love to try any new exercise craze. Biathlons, bootcamp, pilates, powerplate, kayaking, kettlebell, zumba. I’ve tried them all, even the cardio twister. (Note: unless you’ve never exercised in your entire life and are as sedentary as … Read more

Rainforests, sunshine and cocktails, anyone?

Rainforests, sunshine and cocktails, anyone?

It had been a string of excruciatingly cold mornings, those ones where you slide shivering from under the warmth of your quilt, your teeth chattering, as you struggle to pull on the pile of clothes you have stacked next to … Read more