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How does your ‘Day on a Plate’ read?

Fairfax’s Sunday Life magazine decided to kick off with a special music issue this year and wanted input from lots of different people who work in the music industry. So, voila, as a music PR, I was super excited to be asked to submit my eating diary for ‘My Day on a Plate’. I’m a big fan of this section and always read it (especially because Michelle Bridges’ awesome training tips are right next to it).

Having recovered from an eating disorder, I was especially proud to not only see that I’d eaten well, but that it was written in print for millions of readers to see. And to top it off, Nutritionist and Naturopath Julie Maree Wood gave me the thumbs up (phew!)

It was certainly different from other times of my life. My ‘Day on a Plate’ at various stages between the age of 14 – 25 would have either consisted of:

* 7am – can of diet coke and a grapefruit

* 12pm – a can tuna (no oil) and large glass diet cordial

* 2pm – apple

* 6pm – three grapefruits and a large cup of tea with skim milk


* 7am – apple

* 12pm – carrot

* 6pm – four vodka, lime and sodas, three glasses of champagne, two mango daiquiris and half a bottle of white wine

* 10pm – Large pizza or kebab, hot chips, a packet of lollies, a block of chocolate

Funnily enough, my weight constantly fluctuated by a 10kgs and I was frequently sick and I felt tired all the time. Not particularly great for productivity, relationships or a happy, healthy life.

It was only through getting some valuable education on nutrition, a lot of counselling on why I was eating that way and a few big lessons on the value of mindfullness that I started to eat in a way that both nourished, fuelled and protected me AND was also a delicious joy.

Needless to say, being human, I slip up sometimes.

The day after this article came out, my first day of a two week holiday, my man was shaking his head and laughing at me. “Just as well today wasn’t the day you submitted”, he chortled.

I was ever so slightly hungover after indulging in a few too many “yay-I’m-on-holidays” wines the evening before and subsequently ate a bacon and egg croissant for breakfast, three apricots and half a packet of mint m&m’s for lunch and dinner was several slices of pizza and two pints of cider.

So I tried not to beat myself up over it and moved on and the next day I was back to eating my more regular, clean diet.

And you know why? Not because I was worried about putting on weight or the fact that my skin looked spotty and felt greasy… Because I felt terrible!

I was tired and headachy… and I was supposed to be enjoying my holidays.

Bugger that.

I really do think that there’s some merit in writing down what you eat sometimes. Not in a crazy, obsessed, ‘I-must-document-everything-that-goes-in-my-mouth’ kind of way, but just to serve as a gentle reminder on what you’re feeding your body. Then you can assess whether that style of eating is going to serve you and your beautiful body (temple?!) well.

So I’m still on holidays (and getting plenty of beach action if anyone was wondering) and the timing of the Sunday Life magazine article certainly couldn’t have been better. It reminded me that when I eat well, I feel awesome. Hardly rocket science but a fact that I seem to have to be reminded of repeatedly.

And when the time comes for me to hit the office, I’m going to be feeling fit and healthy and ready to take on the world. Or at least be ready for a huge month of exciting promo and concert tours from Cecilia Bartoli, Andreas Scholl and Mojca Erdmann, just to name a few. But more of that in a few weeks time.

For now, it’s 6pm, boiling hot and I’m off to pour myself one perfect, refreshing glass of cold, sweet red that I picked up from the Margaret River last week. I bought a bottle from the Evans & Tate cellar door. Evans & Tate are now owned by McMilliams and also in the McWilliams stable of wineries is the ‘Catching Thieves’ label. Called ‘Dolce’, it’s a fresh, blackberry tasting drop that leaves a soft, lingering taste in your mouth, like you’ve just been eating a teeny piece of cherry-infused blackforest cake. It’s also lower alcohol than your standard rose wine so it won’t go straight to your head.

Here’s to good, gratified eating and drinking all, cheers.

2 Responses to How does your ‘Day on a Plate’ read?

  1. Bec, I just came across your My Day on a Plate blog. I love it! I have to say that I was amazed by your diet when the editor sent it through to me and it was very difficult to critique so I just praised you! My only concern was that you ate too healthily and did not enjoy the real pleasures of food. Well I am very pleased to see the occasional croissant and choccie treat, so tell your chortling man that it is all part of the grand plan. Good on you!
    Julie Maree Wood.

    • Bec Brown says:

      Hi Julie Maree, I so love that you’ve got in touch! Thank you very much for your very kind critique – it actually really helped me when I was feeling, well, a little blah. It was very comforting to read that sometimes you’ve just got to enjoy your food!

      Chortling man has been TOLD (with much glee). It’s going to be fun to use the “It’s all part of the grand plan” line, especially when it’s been backed up by a bona fide expert!

      Take care and thanks again. Bx

      PS – hey all, be sure to check out Julie Maree’s excellent nutritional website and blog at

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