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Operatic treasures and the mother of all garage sales

Greetings from a very sunny Adelaide – where all things entertainment seem to have descended!

The deservedly famous Fringe Festival, the Adelaide Film Festival, Soundwave Festival and world music extravaganza WOMADelaide are all going on and the city is crawling with music and arts appreciators.

As for me, I’m here with the talented, engaging and downright lovely Cecilia Bartoli.

Her national tour kicked off in Perth on Wednesday, Adelaide’s concert is tonight and she continues to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over the next few weeks.

Some cities still have a few remaining tickets so get them while you can!

Given Cecilia is booked up years in advance and kept astonishingly busy on the other side of the world, these are potentially once-in-a-life-time kind of concerts. And if you’ve never been to see an operatic performance, you may as well start with one of the very best female singers alive today (probably the best when you add her electric and fun on-stage persona into it too). Don’t just believe me though – checkout these incredible reviews in The Australian and The West Australian.

She’s performing songs that were written for Castrati when she hits Sydney. Yep – young boys who were castrated in the 18th Century to forever capture their boy soprano voice. As these young boys grew into men, their large lung capacity meant that they sang like no female soprano could generally ever hope to do. Unless you’re as freakishly good as Cecilia Bartoli. See her in action here.

And moving  on to other operatic news, the State Opera company here in South Australia staged a hugely lavish production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle in 1996 and again in 2004. But at $15 million a pop, it’s no longer on the cards.

So, what to do with the amazing 4 million set?

Sell it all of course!

Memorabilia, fabrics, props and costumes from the four opera work will be offered up for sale at its Netley studio on March 19 from 10am – 4pm. Who knows what treasures will be uncovered? I wish I was going to be here for it, even just to have a sticky beak. All happening at 216 Marion Road, Netley.

Something that I will be around for is the clever and fun Garage Sale Trail on Sunday April 10. This day will be a dream for many collectors and vintage enthusiasts or just anyone who loves going to markets (ME!)

The Garage Sale Trail is one day of the year when neighbourhoods from all over Australia host garage sales. By getting people together to turn their old stuff into someone else’s new stuff, the day proves that second hand items can still have value, keeps rubbish off the street, removes clutter from cupboards, stops a bunch of new things being brought into the world (along with the environmental impact that creates) and gives everyone good reason to meet the neighbours and have a good old chat at the same time.

Their website is full of eveything you need to know about the day – locations, overviews of what will be for sale at each place and even an app that creates a personalised trail for you depending on your interest. Like vinyl records and vintage handbags? Just enter these in and it’ll hit you back with a list of where to go.

Have a bunch of stuff that you want to get rid of? Register your place for a sale too.

New South Wales and Queensland seem to have the most garage sales locked in so far but I’m sure that if we help spread the word, plenty more will spring up over the next month.

One persons trash is another’s treasure and one less “thing” chucked into landfill is a joy to our planet.

So happy selling, buying or just socially trawling!

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