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Sitting makes you sad but this will make you smile

Get ready to step away from the computer.

This a short article. Punchy, succinct, to the point. For both of our sakes.

Here’s why.

Like 70% of the western world, much of my life is spent sitting down. In a car, in a meeting, on the couch, in front of a computer. Sitting is not what our bodies were meant to do.

We were designed to MOVE.

Sitting uses some muscles too much and some too little. The overused muscles become tight, the underused ones weak, and the joints become stiff from inactivity. Years of inactivity result in a weak body with bad balance. If you don’t move your body fully and symmetrically every day, over time things adapt and change… and not for the better. Muscles vanish, joints stiffen and develop arthritis, discs degenerate, and you look, become and feel old.

Our bodies and our muscles work best when they are worked, and then allowed to rest. When muscles are not rested they become tight, resulting in the chronic “tension” which plagues people who don’t move their body.

So get up from your computer right now and go for a walk. Or do some squats. Or stretch like a cat. Or dance around like JLo or Havana Brown.

Or get on the floor and do this. The beat really kicks in at the 50 second mark.*

And if you don’t, at least you’ve had a good laugh (though I bet you’ll try it at some point just to see if you can. I may have).

We get one body, treat it right.

The old saying is “Use it or lose it.”  The new saying is “Use it to keep it”.

Now, get moving.

* This clip was a lot funnier when they synched it with Nancy Sinatra singing ‘These Boots (Glutes) Were Made For Walkin’, but nevermind.

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