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Inside Sydney’s Monster Town Hall with Lady Gaga

It feels strange to be posting this on the same day as the sad passing of the very talented Amy Winehouse. Vocally endowed with one hell of a set of pipes and a deeply creative, though troubled, soul – may she rest in peace.

It indeed brought home that I was extremely fortunate to be one of the few to attend another skillful singer’s gig recently – Gaga’s invite-only show at Sydney Town Hall (officially renamed Monster Town Hall, no less).

Not all pop music appeals to me – I generally prefer cabaret, blues, opera or jazz.

But the one common link between all of those genres that makes me swoon?

  • Theatrics 
  • An incredible voice

And in case it’s not blindingly obvious, Lady Gaga has both*. Times twenty.

The night all started at the Hilton where all of the little monsters had to pick up their wristbands and passes. These were a mix of competition winners, invited VIPS, media and business partners of the hosting companies – Universal Music, Vodafone, 2Day FM and Take 40.

With an hour or so to kill before doors opened, I headed next door to the pub for a drink with some of my workies.  Mine was a diet coke of course, Dry July is still in effect. Only a week to go now and I’m actually enjoying the health benefits so much that I don’t miss booze at all. The fashion we spotted on the way to the bar was just a taste of what was to come.

It was a freezing cold night but that didn’t detract from all the fans lining the streets around Town Hall. There were police every where and we all waited patiently, albeit shivering, and excited.

Once inside, Town Hall looked beautiful. The fabulously dressed little Monsters were on the floor right up at the front of the stage, the VIPs were up around the mezzanine level and everyone else was milling about, keeping clear of the recording equipment.

It was fever pitch by the time Gaga finally took to the stage. Prefaced by her hot dancers, a rocking band and a puff from the smoke machine, Gaga was electric, singing ‘Born This Way’, the title track hit from her new album.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. My photo taking skills inside of a smoky, dark hall full of filming equipment and jumping fans isn’t going to produce anything too incredible. There’s this:

But so you get the full effect of her gorgeous costume, here’s a pic taken by one of the media photographers with their super fancy cameras and their high fidelity lenses:

From here, she returned in a new outfit – wheeling herself in a wheelchair as her legs were caught up in her black mermaid tail gown, her head topped off with a full mourning hat and veil. She didn’t stay seated for long though – her dancers covered her for a moment, their slivering, svelte bodies distracting until they part and Gaga emerges, leaping out of her chair in a black and silver leotard with mesh panelling. She is HOT. The hits rolled out – ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Telephone’ had the crowd singing and dancing wildly.

During two more costume costume changes, we were kept impressed with Gaga’s awesome band…

Until I was distracted by a fabulous gold cape over near the photographers pit.

It was none other than online gossip star Perez Hilton, who was only too happy to stop for a photo. Such a nice young man…

Perez’ floor length, hooded gold cape is by fashion label Tight Tigers. My Lady Gaga T-Shirt is by Bravado.

There were plenty more incredible hits to come – ‘Alejandro’, ‘You And I’, ‘Hair’ and ‘Bad Romance’. I was too busy singing along and getting my paws up to take decent photos until, frustrated with my poor camera skills, I handed it over to my wonderful friend Mike who managed to take these shots for me (and leave me to return to singing and dancing away to ‘Edge of Glory’ followed by an encore of ‘Judas’).

The room started to clear out fairly quickly but I’ve never seen so many smiles or laughter. Everyone was very aware that we’d just experienced something incredible together. And none were happier than Gaga’s little monsters. Their outfits were impressive…


Check out more at this great video…

It wasn’t over yet for my hard working pop colleagues – they headed backstage to present Lady Gaga with a plaque for super amazing sales in Australia. And just in case a plaque wasn’t exciting enough, those champions at Planet Cake also gave Gaga a celebratory three-foot tall cake.  And most exciting for all of us at Universal Music… the leftover cake ended up back at our office the next day.

Now, I’ve had an experience with a Planet Cake once before – they made one for Rihanna. It was, and still is, the best cake I have ever eaten. BUT, that’s right, I didn’t break my sugar ban with the Gaga cake (and I’m glad that I didn’t after seeing my workies’ insane sugar highs followed by rather intense and emotional crashes 30 minutes later) but I certainly stood inhaling it’s dense, chocolatey aroma. It didn’t take long before a lot of the cake was demolished.

And where’s Gaga now? Well, the real one headed back to the US where she’s been busy recording a new video, a live performance on Howard Stern’s show and writing at her blog.

The sugar Gaga? She’s doing pretty well for herself too.

*Jessie J is another pop star who I adore. I went to an intimate showcase where she performed for 30 minutes or so – just Jessie and her guitarist – and I was blown away. She has such a massive, flexible and very listenable voice. And she’s strong, sassy and silly with a little bit of vulnerability thrown in which made me leave the show feeling inspired and that being yourself is not only ok, it’s a liberating necessity! Be galvanized yourself with this live radio performance she did recently here in Aus – totally raw and unmixed. No autotune here baby…

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  1. Josh Marshall says:

    Hey Bec great pics its been ages how have you been Looks like your doing wel despite of working at the Earl of Leister


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