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Getting the French Connection

Fabulous Spring Fashion.

I just LOVE it when those rare moments occur.

You walk distractedly past shop after shop, not looking out for anything in particular. Maybe you’re just on your way to the dentist.

This Saturday I was taking a short cut through a shopping centre, cruising through on my way to buy vitamins and mascara.

And there it was. A fashion find. In the window of a store, three lovely mannequins were each wearing an outfit more fabulous than the next.

Like a siren’s song, I was called in. I pulled garments and bags and jewellery and belts from racks and bundled them all into the dressing room and was soon parading in front of the mirror.

  • Beaded dresses
  • Tunics with ruffled sleeves
  • Delicious draped shirts
  • Off the shoulder knits
  • Striped long tees
  • Posh trousers
  • Studded skirts
  • Sparkly sandals
  • Leather gladiators
  • Wooden straw clutches
  • Silk stitch bags
  • Enamel cuffs
  • Patent belts and more

Where is this mecca of glorious Spring fashion?

And they also have a great men’s section.

Unexpected Saturday morning SCORE!

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