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I’m back online

I’ve been very silent of late.

I bet you were wondering, has Bec been abducted by the menacing swans that live in the park where she goes running?

Did the towering pile of books next to her bed finally collapse and bury her?

Has she been hit by space junk? (Apparently we have a 1 in 3200 chance that we might. I really don’t like those odds!)

Thankfully, the answer is a little less weird. The last two months have just been insanely busy at work – I’ve been working on new releases, promo trips and tours from Katie Noonan, Alfredo Malabello, The Idea of North, David Garrett, Milos, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Tori Amos and Chris Isaak, just to name a few. Challenging, yes. But moments of “wow, I’m going to remember this day forever” also.

And the other reason why I’ve been so quiet is my website was hacked. Thanks to some crazies, my creative outlet was taken away from me for a few weeks. A lot of grief and several hundred dollars later to fix, I’m back. But a lesson for us all – change your passwords regularly!

So work is still rather hectic which means I may have to ease myself back into publishing posts but, generally speaking, I’m back again. Like good friends, far-away family or a glass of wine after a long detox, I’ve missed writing. It’s nice to come home.

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