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Need a break to the Mediterranean?

Milos is a guitarist from Montenegro. He’s insanely musical, has the fastest fingers in the business and as you can tell by the photos… he’s pretty easy on the eye.

Having just spent 10 days with him after his debut trip to Australia for a promo tour, I have to say he’s also a really lovely person. Milos’ next stop is Asia, then the UK, then he’s off to the US where he’s playing Carnegie Hall.

We put on a glam showcase for Milos at Sydney Opera House last week.

The sun had just set and we’re sipping champagne and listening to the evocative, dulcet and passionate sound of Milos and his guitar as he soundchecks. Not a bad way to end a day.

Once the audience had settled in, he went on to wow with a mix of classical and traditional pieces including the well known ‘Asturias’ by Albeniz, ‘Oriental’ by Granados and thoroughly serenading the well-heeled crowed with ‘Spanish Romance’. In case there was ever any doubt that Milos is one of the guitar greats of our time, his finale left the audience stunned with his dazzling finger-work on the fiery yet dreamy ‘Koyunbaba’ by Domeniconi.

In addition to Universal Music Group’s COO Max Hole coming all the way over from London especially host the event, we had some “guests of honour” in attendance with Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy and his wife Thorunn. Maestro Ashkenazy has recorded for Decca for nearly 50 years now – as both a pianist and conductor – and is literally a living legend. He is also Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor to the Sydney Symphony. Renown Australian composer Richard Mills also joined us, along with a group of Young Ambassadors from the MCA.

Several promoters were also in the crowd and offers have already be made for Milos to return to Australia in 2012 for a concert tour, so watch this space.

So you don’t need to wait that long, check out this interview and performance with ABC Radio National. And I can personally witness that even the frantic prouducers stopped their craziness for a few minutes and sat listening, blissfully content, as Milos began to play…

The rest of the promo trip was wonderfully successful with excellent features in The Age, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph (plus this brilliant videowhere Milos gives Music Editor Kathy McCabe a guitar lesson!) and plenty more online thanks to AAP.  One particularly freezing Melbourne afternoon was spent with the team from ABC TV show Art Nation, filming on the jetty at Half Moon Bay. A few days later, with a lot less shivering, we went in to the 9 studios for a live performance on Kerri-Anne.

Milos’ debut album The Guitari s out now.

Get it and you’ll feel like you’re on holidays in the Mediterranean too.

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