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Is healthy eating always in VOGUE?

VOGUE’s not all fantastical glam couture, slender, doe-like models, glittering beauty products, luscious images and perfumed pages (though they do these things brilliantly), there’s also the articles.

Freelance writer Sarina Lewis, who regularly contributes to VOGUE’s health pages, interviewed me recently for a story that she was putting together on the psychology of women and food. As a PR professional always knows, you can never completely know what the final tone of a story will be when it’s published, so I was keen to read what Sarina had put together from her research.

Some of it was centered around a new book called ‘Hypno Diet’ by Susan Hepburn. I’ve not read this book so can’t endorse it but many of the ideas that Sarina pulled from it for her article were techniques that I personally used in my journey to overcome eating disorders.

Is it weird or unethical to promote yet another diet book to readers of VOGUE (often young and impressionable) who may themselves be in the grips of an eating disorder and trying to look like the skinny models in the very same issue?

Or does my personal story, intertwined with messages from a book that offers advice on how to avoid the harmful habits of starving yourself or overeating unhealthy food, actually have the power to help? 

Check it out for yourself in the November issue.

I think that, as usual, Sarina’s put together a well thought out and interesting article. You’ll see a lot of her writing in Fairfax publications like Sunday Life mag, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age too, so keep an eye out.

Having had an eating disorder is obviously a rather personal issue.

It can be embarrassing, sometimes makes me feel a bit ashamed of myself and isn’t always easy to talk about. But I do it because I’m passionate about sharing my experiences in the hope that it’ll help another person not waste years of their life in a horrible battle like I did.

If telling my story assists just one person to end the secrecy and seek professional health advice, then it’s all worth it.

Wishing you a happy, healthy day.


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