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Creating and dealing with change


Like death and taxes, it’s going to happen.

If you’re happily going through an incredibly blissful, prosperous, healthy phase, at some point, this will change.

If times are anxious, rubbish or dull, this too will change.

Sometimes change is scary, often it’s welcome.

We usually feel it even more so at this time of year.

But know this;

The choices that we make, every single moment of each day, will determine what will happen next.

And even when events occur that are out of our control, it’s our reaction and attitude towards it that will create our next existence.

We all deal with change differently.

I’ve learnt (through much trial, tears, wine, cake and error), that when all is shifting around me and I’m feeling lost, unanchored and adrift, creating some sense of familiarity really helps.

- I try to get up and go to bed at the same time each day.

- I eat fresh, nutritious meals at regular intervals.

- I burn a candle or spray a scent that has a familiar, comforting smell.

- I talk to long-time friends or family.

- I cut myself some slack and try not to beat myself up for not perfectly having it all together.

Doctor and best selling author Spencer Johnson gives some very simple advice which regularly influences my life.

When life feels like crap:

Relax, knowing that this too will change. Do the opposite of what put you in this position. Avoid comparisons. Get out of yourself and be more of service to others. Uncover the good that’s hidden in a bad time and use it to your advantage.

When life is sunshiny and couldn’t be better:

Be humble and grateful. Do more of what got you there. Do more for others. Save resources for your upcoming crap times.

How will you be experiencing or embracing change this year?

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