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Chocolate brownies (need we say any more?)

I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t like chocolate brownies.

There’s just something about them.

It’s like they’ve taken the best parts of a cake, a pudding and a macaron and put them into one delicious dessert.

There are so many variations – adding nuts, chocolate shards, berries, caramel or even turkish delight are all popular – but give me plain old chocolate with a lightly crunchy top, a slightly chewy middle and a gooey centre and I’m yours.

They are my all-time favourite thing to bake and, although I eat a very amended version these days because I’ve discovered that my body likes life more when it’s off the refined sweet stuff, it’s still the full fat, full sugar, full awesome treat version that are the best fun to make.

So this means one thing – gifts!

I’m not quite prepared to divulge my secret recipe just yet, as it did take me a few years to perfect.

But find a gorgeous brownie recipe online somewhere and try some of these tips:

  • Use quality chocolate, and a lot of it. Dark chocolate should be the number one ingredient in each mix.

  • Use quality cocoa. Dutch filtered if you can. It may not have as many antioxidants as the raw cocao but it tastes incredible.

  • Invite a friend over. Cooking is always more fun with others! And who’s going to turn down the chance to lick the bowl or eat all the “broken bits”?

  • Package them up and give them your own personalised touch. Brownies are now the signature gift at our PR company Bec Brown Communications.

And my final words of advice?

If you know that you and sugar aren’t the best of friends, try and make sure you don’t end up with leftover chocolate. Or that perplexing presentation that had you working late into the night will probably be your undoing.


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