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Ciao (for now)

I started this blog five years ago because I felt I needed a creative outlet.

Somewhere to share my thoughts and dreams.

Then almost two years ago I left my cushy corporate gig to start a PR consultancy.

Starting with just me working on some short-term campaigns for artists with new albums, Bec Brown Communications rapidly grew into an agency with a team of three senior publicists looking after the PR for several tours, a plethora of album launches and five long-term corporate retainer clients.

Suddenly my need for this blog as a creative outlet disappeared, as my focus went to designing creative PR campaigns and growing a business instead.

And updating this blog became such a low priority, well after updating the Bec Brown Communications’ website (

I thought that maybe this blog just needed a refresh – the 2009 design was starting to look a bit out-dated (not to mention the fact that I didn’t even look like the chick at the top of the screen after I’d cut my long hair off), so maybe I’d do a re-design – how exciting!

Except it wasn’t exciting.

I was far more excited about the interesting new developments my talented clients were scheming up.

More invigorated to learn what my clever, fun staff were up to.

More interested in what was going on in the industry and how Bec Brown Communications could be a part of it.

And way more thrilled at the prospect of jumping on a plane and going somewhere I’d never been before… and usually finding a new client along the way.

I also found one of my all-time favourite creative outlets. It may not be terribly original but I adore Instagram. So if you’d like to keep in touch, please join me here:

Or there’s always Twitter:

So please stay in touch – I’ve loved chatting with you and really appreciated all your feedback, especially those directly back to me from my weekly email updates.

Some things aren’t forever, and to that, I happily raise a glass and toast – here’s to change and growth for us all.

Much love, Bec x

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