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Inspiring news stories

Inspiring news storiesRead it and smile – this title is not an oxymoron.

Here are four fantastic news sites that only give us the good stuff.

Designed to cheer, inspire and educate, these sites are a must if you’re looking for some positive, interesting intelligence.

Don’t mistake me, I’m all for keeping abreast of current affairs and knowing what’s going on in my community, my country and the world at large. But constantly bombarding yourself with stories about government corruption, bombs exploding, murders, rapes, robberies, disease outbreaks, celebrity scandals and car and airline crashes isn’t my idea of a nice life. Too much intake of all the bad news heavily influences our perception of ourselves and those around us, both here and abroad.

The popularity of the below sites prove that not everyone wants to be surrounded by negativity and pessimism.

So here’s to joy, cleverness, love, laughter, integrity and good health! just read on!

Inspiring news stories

MiNDFOOD is both a monthly glossy magazine and an online site. While not strictly a “good news” news service, the cheerful, helpful and inspirational far outweigh the gloomy.

It’s also Australian and New Zealand centric which is good news for Antipodeans in search of peppy, geographically current broadcasting.

The team at MiNDFOOD continuously searches around the world to bring exceptional, unusual and outstanding news, in-depth articles, opinions, interviews, media, videos and podcasts from the famous and even the infamous. In my opinion, MiNDFOOD 100% live up to their marketing spiel of “Discovering travel destinations, enhancing your inner health and wellbeing, keeping up to date with environmental issues such as climate change and global warming and exploring the latest lifestyle trends”.

I’m a huge fan of both the hardcopy magazine (it’¢s visually stunning – their designers are legends) and the site and recommend clicking on ‘The Daily Bite’ for your Monday-to-Friday interesting and intelligent story of the day. is a UK based site dedicated to “taking a daily look on the bright side”. It’s run by marketing and PR peeps so you’ll appreciate the slick and fun site – I’m a fan.

As well as uplifting news, they also investigate other aspects of everyday life which aim to inspire a positive outlook. These are covered in four categories; Optimist Charities, Optimist Companies, Optimist Sports and Optimist Travel.

Optimist Charities offers opportunities for lower income charities to raise their public profile and encourage site visitors to get involved. It also provides a free listing for every charity in the UK, regardless of size.

Optimist Companies focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an opportunity for companies of all sizes to embrace their responsibilities to society and really make a difference to the communities of which they are a part.

Optimist Sports is an extensive resource providing information on sports activities for all ages, aiming to find ways of inspiring everyone to get up off the sofa and get active, while Optimist Travel takes an alternative look at the travel industry. While reporting on the world’s major vacation spots, Optimist Travel also takes a look at the greener aspects of the travel industry and ways that people can travel and get involved with goodwill projects for the planet and mankind.

And just quietly, I love their logo which is a cool little bird. Snappily dressed according to the category, he’s like the twitter bird but happier.

The Great News Network (GNN) was set up seven years ago by Canadian Ryan Logtenberg. His objective was to “become a respected news organization that reports positive news which has the potential to inspire and motivate its readers to take action to make a better world.”

Believing that, yes, there are problems in the world, but there are also solutions to these problems. To hear about solutions to the world’s problems and to hear about the people who are working to come up with them is why the Great News Network exists.

Logtenberg believes that optimism is a great catalyst for making the world a better place. “When we can see there is hope, then we’ll be more compelled to make the effort to do our part”, he says.

GNN is meant to supplement your daily news sources – not replace it. Its role is to show that there is hope, people are making a difference, and that a lot of things are getting better.

With a tag line of ‘Good News and Positive Stories -  Served Daily’, Gimundo is a website and daily e-newsletter dedicated to the belief that everybody needs a little bit of good news to brighten up their lives each day.

Run from the US by husband and wife team of Kathryn and Jeff Hawkins, Gimundo has been around since 2007 and their mission is to “offer the most inspiring news, stories, and videos that we can find. We have no political agenda, and do our best to write about the good news that everyone can appreciate and relate to. If we can make you smile every morning, we’ve done our jobs”, says Hawkins.

They run the site in their spare time and pay for expenses out of pocket but consider it a labour of love. Hawkins continues, “We believe that everyone should have access to good news, and promise never to charge subscription fees to our readers. As a result, we need to accept some advertising on the site to offset our operating costs, but we make every effort to ensure that the businesses and products featured are in line with Gimundo’s core values”. I hardly noticed the ads but good on them for disclosing.

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