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Practical Organic

Practical OrganicOk, so I’m a firm believer that organic food would be a better thing to put into my body than something covered in pesticides and chemicals or the meat from an animal that had lived a crap life in a crowded, diseased pen.

So I regularly try going organic; and last about a week. Living with someone who kind of agrees with me in theory but in practice, not so much, doesn’t really help this.

I’ve found it helps to be practical, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and all that, so below is a list of the foods that are most easily contaminated by nasties so should, whenever possible, be purchased as organic. From a fruit and veg perspective, it’s usually anything that has a thin skin (no longer me after working in PR for so long!) For meat, well,  personally I hate the idea of harming animals to eat them but love the taste so much that I can’t really help myself. But I feel much better about it and think my body will thank me for eating meat from animals that have lived a happy life. See here why organic, free range ham is now on my Christmas list.

The Dirty Dozen (or so) – Buy me organic whenever possibleThe Dirty Dozen (or so) – Buy me organic whenever possible

Peaches / nectarines
Apples / Pears
Leafy greens
Broccoli / cauliflower

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