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Things That Make You Go Oh…

How many lightbulb moments can you have on a particular topic before they cease to be lightbulb moments?

Things That Make You Go Oh...Is there a limit to the number of times you can wake up with an epiphany; that same ‘a ha!’ realisation that you’ve had two, three, 50 times previously, before you say “you know what? This actually isn’t new.”

Here’s a list of things that I keep rediscovering. Some are lovely to learn again and again. Others, well, I really should just know better. (I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell which is which…)

- I will always be glad that I got up early to see the sun rise

- I can turn into a horrible person when I drink too much

- Even if I don’t want one at the moment, babies, small children, kittens and puppies are incredibly cute and gorgeous

- I will feel sick if I keep eating (insert name of food here I.e. chocolate, biscuits, pizza, all three)

- I may not be able to do all of the things I want to do with my life but I can at least try

- If I don’t exercise I get cranky and unhappy

- People with talent and / or beauty may not be interesting or nice

- Everything is better after a good night’s sleep

- I can’t lay on the bed / couch reading / watching TV ALL weekend and still feel healthy

- Overthinking some things just makes life complicated. Frankly, I’d rather be happy than right.

- Detoxing is unnecessary if I don’t retox so often

- The scent of fresh flowers will always put a smile on your face

What do YOU say?

What are your oft-learned wise words?

***Note: this particular lightbulb list was inspired after waking up for the second morning in a row with a slight hangover, regretting the large glasses of white wine that I have a propensity for drinking, the stupid argumentative conversations I encouraged and the quantities of chocolate I swallowed just before bedtime that I can barely remember therefore clearly didn’t appreciate. Oh dear, will I ever learn..?

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