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Can routine result in brilliance?

“Be regular and  orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and  original in your work”.

Can routine result in brilliance?This quote by Gustave Flaubert (French writer, lived in the 1800′s, wrote Madame Bovary, one of the most important forces in creating the modern novel as a deliberate art form, was original cougar-meat, when at 15 he fell in love with much older married woman who broke his heart) has become a favourite for two reasons.

1. It’s the perfect excuse for going to bed ridiculously early and other Grandma-like tendencies I seem to have

2. It actually makes sense!

If you’re a creative, or just someone who enjoys the fun things in life like late nights and partying, you probably keep irregular hours, eat and drink with abandon (either to excess or not at all) and are known (probably proudly) for being an impulsive free-spirit.

So just as an experiment, for a few weeks, try going to bed and getting up around the same time each day. Eat regular, healthy, small meals, drink water, take vitamins and be conservative with booze and coffee and you’ll find that your writing / rehearsing / performances / brilliance in general will thank you for it. (If you feel this will cramp your hedo-seeking style, remember, this is an experiment for the sake of art, so suck it up!)

If you’re the other way inclined and in despair because you feel like your life is too orderly, too measured, too boring, just throw in a few more fun activities. Be like Jim Carrey in that ridiculous movie and just say yes to doing something you’d never have considered and see what new opportunities open up to you.

Best of all, if you’re relatively regular and orderly, you can relax and enjoy your wonderful life because right now you’re in the perfect place to do something incredible; so what are you waiting for?

Can routine result in brilliance?

What do YOU say?

Do you think this concept works?

Do you struggle with wanting to be impulsive vs. controlled?

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