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Don’t you love it when you find a great story online that makes you laugh out loud? Or sob, or sigh, or be inspired?

And best of all is being able to share them.

The last few weeks have been crazy – with the lead up to Christmas, loads of artists in town for Summer tours and some niggling sporting injuries slowing me down, I’ve been in need for some light hearted giggles and inspiration. Here’s just a few pieces I found this week that you may love too.

Cheers, Bec x

Good news site Gimundo (Good News… Served Daily) gives some fab tips on how to keep calm this holiday season with Six Ways To Cut Down Your Holiday Stress and you can’t go past their Seven Incredible Wedding Proposal Videos to make you go “awwww…”

Minimalist blogger and author Everett Bogue never fails to get a reaction. Whether it’s evoking inspiration, amusement or indignation, the guy can write.

I’m only around 80% sold on his take on life but his approach that there’s an entire gorgeous, glowing and wondrous world out there beyond television, fast food and slogging it out at a job you hate just to be able to buy yourself things that you really don’t need, certainly hits home.

One of his latest posts How To Achieve Complete Autonomy: Zombie Hunting 101 is a cracker.

And you’ll either think that DJ Kat is hilarious, ridiculous or lame. I’m honest enough to say that I find it the former…

On a musical front, charismatic US composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is on the count down to breaking a world record.

Last year, Eric’s practice Virtual Choir (individuals who sing into their webcam as part of a worldwide choir) had participants from across the globe. The final performance received over 1 million hits in just 60 days. Eric best describes it all himself here

Eric is aiming to smash the world-record this time (he needs to beat 900 singers) with singers from all over the world registering to perform their part – even whole choirs are jumping on board. They have until Dec 31 to record their performances.

It’s very simple (and damned cool really…) Singers download the sheet music and watch Eric’s instructional video via You Tube. Over 11,000 people have done this already!

After learning their part (soprano, alto, tenor or bass), singers sit in front of their computer with their web cam recording and sing, while Eric conducts their performance on their computer screen. Singers then upload their recorded performance to Eric’s You Tube site and the finished record breaking performance will be debuted early 2011.

He’s even involved Google Earth to track where his choir members are all from. Basically this is a visual representation of everyone that has submitted their videos but those in the choir can then literally cruise down the street of that sexy soprano from Sweden or that beautiful baritone from Bolivia and see where they live or study.

Can’t wait till next year to hear the finished recording? Eric’s new album Light & Gold is out now and features some of the best atmospheric contemporary choral music you’ll hear.

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